A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The Fizz Experiments was developed by Jordan Cameron, Brandon Millar, and Simon Forsythe

during Game Jam 2880 at NSCC Truro, which is a 48 hour game jam. The theme was

"broken physics". The game features an appealing HUD, all original art and sound design,

controller support, and a balance of storytelling, platforming, and puzzles.


Brandon Millar: Lead Programmer, UI Design, Concept

Jordan Cameron: Lead Artist, Level Design, Concept

Simon Forsythe: Animation, Audio Engineering, Programming, Level Design, Concept

Download The Fizz Experiment:


Game-Play Demo:


Install instructions

To play, simply unzip the downloaded file and run the .EXE file (Windows), DMG file (Mac), or .X86 File (Linux)

This game does wired Xbox 360 Controllers.

PC Controls:

A, D to Move

Space to Jump

ESC to Pause, Arrow Keys or Cursor to navigate Menus

Xbox Controller Controls:

Left Analog to Move

A to Jump

Start to Pause, Left Joystick to navigate Menus


TheFizzExperimentPC.zip 14 MB
TheFizzExperimentMAC.zip 17 MB
TheFizzExperimentLINUX.zip 16 MB

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